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Little Roo is not hungry. He doesn't want Kangaflakes or honey on toast for breakfast. He'd much rather play outside. But then he hears a very loud Grumble-Rumble! Little Roo tells his friends but they are not afraid. When Roo hears it again mummy explains that it is his tummy that is hungry.
AUTOR(A) Siobhan Dodds
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FECHA 2000

36 best books for toddlers - Today's Parent

Little Sari discovers invisible alligators quietly sneaking around creating trouble for her and everyone else. Fully illustrated. - Grumble-Rumble! (DK Toddler Story Book ...

In fact, they're pretty awesome — especially when they have a book pressed between their chubby little hands. Some of my favorite memories of my kids as toddlers are of them snuggled on my lap with a giant stack of books. With my youngest child nearing her second birthday, I'm digging out all the books I read with my older kids at this age.


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